civic nature

Civic Nature is a research practice dedicated to ecologically and economically progressive housing. We provide auxiliary content for proposals, plans and publications. Our clients include urban designers, property developers, government officials, neighborhood representatives and others who are working on residential areas.

research focus diagram: governance, housing, public space

Nature encompasses humans as well as our homes at local and global scales. We focus on the nexus of housing, public space and governance — specifically the design, management and use of shared territory around urban apartment buildings.

In studying relationships between habitats and inhabitants, our approach is fundamentally ecological. We concentrate on residential landscapes from a variety of perspectives to solve or avert problems.

Our methods range from assembling published material to conducting archival research, field assessments, interviews and surveys. We place the results in carefully referenced and consistently evolving online databases.

Contact us any time with questions or ideas. We look forward to joining initiatives that help improve city living.